Brilliant Smile Sweden is a Swedish producer and distributor of high-end teeth whitening and whitening oral care products. Since 2003, the focus of  Brilliant Smile Sweden has been to offer sophisticated premium oral care products, with superior quality and maximum safety. Products from the Brilliant Smile Sweden can be purchase in The Smile Bar HK.

Brilliant Smile Sweden is a manufacturer and distributor of top of the line whitening and oral care products. Founded in 2003, Brilliant Smile Sweden has offered avant-garde and premium whitening and oral care products. These top of the line items can be purchased in the The Smile Bar PH and it’s other branches worldwide.

Whitening Toothpastes

Most mass produced whitening products marketed and distributed with low prices in mainstream stores have time again proven no effect, the few products that do have a high abrasion rate which damage the teeth. Therefore it is usually recommended that they only be used for a limited amount of time. Brilliant Smile products however the same effect but with no abrasion and causes no sensitivity whatsoever.

Unlike most brands that have multi system process that require you to buy, Brilliant Smile has collected and made a product that has all the advantages desired in one product:

  • Powerful tooth decay and cavity protection;
  • Enamel strengthening
  • Sensitivity prevention and sensitivity soothing;
  • Effective removal and prevention of plaque and tartar;
  • Periodontitis and gingivitis prevention;
  • Bad breath protection;
  • Teeth whitening and discoloration prevention.

Whitening Evo Toothpaste (65 ml)

Brilliant Smile has made an advanced gel-based toothpaste that effectively whitens teeth without abrasives and contributes to better oral health. With the daily use, it effectively stops the discoloration and stains and shields teeth against cavities, plaque and tooth sensitivity. Brilliant Smile Whitening Evo Toothpaste contains active ingredients that eliminates surface stains and cleans the teeth without damaging the enamel.

Whitening Boost Toothpaste (20ml)

A more intensive gel toothpaste that whitens teeth with the advanced Brilliant BoostTM technology. The Brilliant BoostTM Technology is a special mixture of active ingredients which effectively dissolves and removes surface stains without abrasion; tetrapotassium pyrophosphate, zink citrate, sodium tripolyphosphate and sodium bicarbonate. Poloxamer layers a surface barrier that protects the teeth from incoming surface stains. In addition, the toothpaste with potassium nitrate prevents sensitivity, and fluoride to protect against cavities. Use twice daily for a minimum of 2 weeks, then continue with Brilliant Smile Whitening Evo Toothpaste.

Whitening Evo Mouth Rinse (250ml)

Brilliant Smile’s Mouth Rinse is a specially formulated prophylactic mouthwash, effective against surface stains, tooth sensitivity, plaque, cavities and tooth decay. The mouth rinse upon entry dissolves surface stains making these easier and more effective to brush on. Therefore, it is recommended to be used in tandem with the Brilliant Smile toothpaste. For best results, rinse mouthwash in mouth for 1 minute and then using Brilliant Smile toothpaste. Do not drink or swallow.

Brilliant Smile Gift Bag – 3 Products

The gift bag contains the perfect trio: One each of Whitening Evo Toothpaste, Whitening Boost Toothpaste, and Whitening Evo Mouth Rinse.

Whitening Evo Strips (14 pcs)

Brilliant Smile’s Whitening Evo Strips is a home use teeth whitening supplement. Simple, effective and easy to use, it’s the perfect addition to your regimen. The product is a thin translucent plastic strip with a mild whitening gel on one side which is placed directly on too the teeth. The gel contains 6% hydrogen peroxide. Each Whitening Evo packet contains two strips: one for the upper and one for the lower teeth. Each Whitening Evo Strip kit comes with 14 pouches which is good for 14 days. Whitening Evo strips are to be used for 1-2 hours/day for 14 days or until satisfied.


  1. Remove the strip from the plastic film gently and apply directly to clean and dry teeth, with the gel surface facing the teeth. Massage your finger along the strip to ensure it’s attached solid, and do the same for remainder of the film around the back of the teeth.
  2. Leave the strip on for 1-2 hours, depending how long you have. It is recommended the longer the whiter it gets.
  3. If busy, since the strips are invisible, you can use them outside of home provided you don’t do any intensive activities.
  4. Once you’re done, pull off the strip and throw into trash. Avoid tobacco, heavily colored dishes and beverages throughout the treatment period for getting best possible results.


Dental Cleanser (10pcs)

Dental cleanser is a disposable cleaning tissue that removes dirt and coatings on the teeth and leaves the mouth with a fresh taste of mint. It’s perfect to keep in your bag if your ́re on the go or just want to freshen up after a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. To use it, you can simply remove the wrapping and insert index finger into the pocket. The blue side should be facing the palm of your hand. Rub the blue surface onto the teeth for up to a minute, using similar movement as tooth brushing.