Maintaining healthy oral hygiene and fresh breath isn’t just about the type of manual toothbrush you use, it’s also about how you use your toothbrush. A lot of people think that just brushing their teeth maintains their dental hygiene, but it’s more than that. For instance, did you know that the minimum recommended time for brushing one’s teeth is twice a day for at least two minutes?

Read through the 4 easy steps for proper use of a manual toothbrush:

Step 1

Holding the brush at a 45 degrees angle. Make sure to start at the gum line at the inner and outer surface. Reach the gums in the back of your mouth as well for thorough cleaning. Brush your gums gently to prevent any damage.

Step 2

Hold the toothbrush flat on your teeth while using a back and forth motion. Brush each side of your teeth on the top and bottom. Add a few small circular motions for the bristles to get into the tight areas between your teeth.

Step 3

Brush the inside of your front teeth on the top and bottom, then tilt the brush to clean the front of your teeth with an up and down motion.

Step 4

To prevent bad breath odors, don’t forget to brush your tongue with a back to front sweeping motion brush your tongue.

Do these 4 steps daily and you will notice that your mouth and teeth are healthier and easier to maintain. Listen to music while brushing to liven up the entire process!

Teach young children how to properly use a manual toothbrush as well. But be sure to choose the proper brush for their age. Allow the child to get comfortable with how to use a manual toothbrush by doing a water run through the brushing steps first. Practicing this way won’t make a mess and will be easier for the child.

Quality is always better than quantity so remember that how you brush your teeth is more important than the time you spend brushing your teeth. Get the most out of each brushing regimen and your teeth will thank you for it!

Come and practice your teeth brushing at The Smile Bar. Your new lifestyle will starts with healthy teeth and bright smile.