Whitening Treatment (In Salon)

The Smile Bar is a teeth whitening salon that offers the fastest and most effective system in the market. We employ a quality, efficient teeth whitening process that everyone can benefit from.

A bright, white smile gives you more confidence and makes you look healthier.

Having whiter teeth will also lead you to taking good care of your dental hygiene, and good oral health is essential to preventing tooth and gum disease.

The Smile Bar uses products and technology from a Swedish company, Brilliant Smile.

The secret is the teeth whitening gel, which safely removes discoloration and stains from the enamel.

The LED Plasma Light technology activates the whitening gel. This is done for 20 minutes, and repeated depending on the treatment of your choice.

Our products from Brilliant Smile have been thoroughly tested and proven to be 100% safe. The Smile Bar’s teeth whitening process is certified and completely safe for teeth and gums.

The LED Plasma Light technology used in our teeth whitening treatment is very effective, producing better and faster results compared to other teeth whitening methods.

All the necessary tests have been conducted to ensure its safety for customers. Come by our salon and talk to one of our specialists for details about the procedure.

You have a unique anatomy and everyone’s teeth responds to the whitening treatment differently. The result will depend on the type and degree of discoloration.

As part of your treatment, you will undergo an assessment with one of our specialists where you will discuss your current shade and expected results.

The average for customers is 5 shades whiter after one treatment, but we have customers who achieved up to 7 shades whiter.

If you have healthy teeth and gums, we don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t want whiter teeth!

Tooth discoloration is caused by many things and chances are you are affected by one of them:
– Consumption of food and beverages with color pigments such as tea, coffee, red wine, and soda
– Tar and nicotine from smoking stain your teeth over time and cannot be remedied by regular brushing
– Medication
– Poor oral hygiene
– Genetics

Teeth whitening is not recommended for pregnant women, or breastfeeding mothers, and children under the age of 16.

Very few people do not get any result at all, although that is very rare.

15% of the global population have difficulty in getting whiter teeth for various reasons. However, most people get significant results from teeth whitening treatments. There are some people who would not get any results at all, but these are rare cases.

Yellow teeth are easier to whiten than grey teeth. Moreover, your natural whiteness from your enamel is the determining factor for your teeth whitening results. Genetics play a big role in the results, as you can only go as far as your natural whiteness prior to discoloration.

The Smile Bar’s teeth whitening method works better on your natural teeth, but can also bring your crowns, bridges and veneers back to their original color.

Your lifestyle and diet will determine the amount of time it takes for discoloration to take place on your teeth again. You can expect to maintain whiter teeth for 4-6 months after a treatment at The Smile Bar, provided that you practice good dental hygiene.

It is recommended that you come in regularly once a month for best results. Using our post-whitening products regularly will help keep your teeth clean as well as maintain your bright smile.

Tooth sensitivity issues are side effects associated with teeth whitening. Despite not being a serious condition, it can be very uncomfortable.

Brilliant Smile’s high quality products rarely produce any side effects. The slight tingle you will feel within the first 24 hours after treatment are perfectly natural and will disappear quickly.

After the treatment, there will be some microscopic spots where the discolorations used to be. These are vulnerable to new discoloration so we strongly recommend to drink only water for those first 6 hours after your treatment.

As part of your aftercare, we have recommendations for the next 72 hours after treatment:

– Avoid strongly colored drinks such as tea, coffee, red wine, soda
– Avoid food that cause stains such as chocolate, and those with food coloring
– Avoid acidic food such as tomatoes, vinegar, soy, citrus, and chili sauce as these cause tooth hypersensitivity
– Avoid smoking
– Do a flouride rinse twice a day to rebuild enamel and fill any microscopic cavities

The Smile Bar also offers the NanoSeal Total+ as an add-on to your treatment. This process reinforces the enamel and seals the whiteness on your teeth. By doing this, you will be able to eat or drink anything one hour after your treatment, without risking new discoloration! No need to worry about 72-hour food, drink, and smoking restrictions

The NanoSeal Total+ is a liquid solution applied on your teeth after the whitening procedure.

Using a small brush, this application only requires 1 minute of your time. The product will protect your teeth and enamel instantly. In just one hour, you are free from any eating, drinking, and smoking restrictions.

The problem with home whitening kits is that they are never a sure thing. Some are cheap, some are expensive. Some claim to be natural, while others come with toxicity warnings. You can never tell where you stand with these at-home trays and LED lights.

While we applaud DIY, we have also learned that it is better to go to a salon than to cut your own bangs.

Our specialists at The Smile Bar will help you achieve a confident new smile without getting your hands dirty with chemical solutions.

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We accept walk-ins should there be any available slots. Our treatment salon can be found in:
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Whitening oral care (At Home)

Our Brilliant Smile oral care products are exclusively available at The Smile Bar in 2nd Floor, Cluster 2, Uptown Parade, BGC, Taguig City.

The Whitening Oral Care Regimen includes the Brilliant Smile toothpaste and mouthwash. These products dissolve surface stains and are intended for daily use. Our oral care products do not contain any harmful abrasives nor do they contain hydrogen peroxide and other oxidizing substances.

Absolutely not! Our products do not require your teeth to be bleached for them to work.

The blue toothpaste is the original whitening toothpaste. It is intended for daily use to keep your teeth healthy and white. It contains ingredients to dissolve surface stains without causing abrasions on your teeth. It helps prevent new stains from forming on the teeth and offers great cavity, tartar, sensitivity, and bad breath protection.

The red toothpaste is the Boost Whitening toothpaste. Unlike the blue toothpaste, this one contains a higher concentration of ingredients, plus two more whitening ingredients making it a stronger formula. It removes all surface stains in just two weeks. It is meant to be an intensive care toothpaste for when you need that extra whitening boost.

The active ingredients in the mouthwash loosen the surface stains from your teeth which makes it easier for you to brush off.

The mouthwash also reaches in between the teeth and these spots are harder for a toothbrush to reach. It is important for these areas to be addressed as they significantly affect the perception of a tooth’s shade. A tooth with a whiter center but yellower edges will appear yellow!

Some more questions about teeth whitening? Please let us know by reaching our Smile Experts.