Bride And Breakfast - Hong Kong
Bride And Breakfast
I’ve got some good news for you. I found an easy and fuss-free way to make sure you’ll have your pearly whites match your bridal glow on the big day! The best part? It’s easy, effortless, and will give you instant and visible results after just one visit.
Inquirer - Hong Kong
Launched in 2017 in Manila, The Smile Bar now offers safe, sophisticated and effective teeth whitening services
Crisseysi - Hong Kong
"Thanks to The Smile Bar, we can enjoy our pearly whites in a more safe, affordable , and pain-free way! They are a well-known teeth whitening salon that offers the fastest and most effective system in the market and is now open in Manila!"
Primer - Hong Kong
"If you don’t have time to go back to your trusted teeth whitening center (The Smile Bar), Brilliant Smile teeth whitening products can help you maintain your beautiful teeth while you’re on the go."
When In Manila - Hong Kong
When In Manila
"The Smile Bar is originally from Hong Kong but the concept and the Brilliant Smile products are from Sweden. It opened here at Uptown BGC a few months ago. Many have tried it and attested that it only took 1 session for them to get teeth that are at least 6 shades lighter."
kimpossiblygorgeous - Hong Kong
"UPDATE: The Smile Bar is generous enough to offer a 20% exclusive discount to my readers and friends. Just show this post when you visit them. It’s valid for the whole month of November!"
lifestyle.abs-cbn - Hong Kong
"Considering how much the appearance of our teeth affects our image, achieving a luminous smile is akin to scoring a big promotion or a date with your longtime crush. There are numerous products in the market that promise to provide the luster that most crave for."
miss valerietan - Hong Kong
miss valerietan
"One of the fastest ways to have a makeover is to have your teeth whitened. You instantly have a better smile, giving you more confidence. I’ve had my teeth whitened in the past and as much as I want to do it often, I don’t, because I’m concerned with sensitivity during the procedure, its long-term effects and safety, and of course, the cost.
So when I heard about The Smile Bar, I got drawn to it because it seems different."

Primer - Hong Kong
"Whether in job interviews, first dates, or networking, first impressions are always crucial. Your smile might be the most important element to making a good first impression, and white teeth are essential to flashing that winning smile."
Beautymnl - Hong Kong
"Today’s column is about a very exciting topic: teeth whitening! A few weeks ago, in hopes of getting an instant smile makeover, I tested a teeth whitening service at The Smile Bar in BGC." - Hong Kong
" Ever since college, I always wanted to try teeth whitening but I was afraid that something might happen on my teeth. However, since I always have meetings and events, having a bright, white smile is a must to give me more confidence. Hence, I decided to try it at The Smile Bar." - Hong Kong
"I’ve always wanted to try having my teeth whitened. The thought of having whiter, more attractive teeth is something I have long considered. But, just recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to try a teeth whitening procedure at a recently opened establishment in Bonifacio Global City called, The Smile Bar." - Hong Kong
"When people asks me which part of my body I find beautiful, I can't seem to pinpoint a physical aspect of mine but I always end up with one answer: "My Smile." - Hong Kong
"They say you’re never fully dressed without a smile. A smile speaks volumes, even if it’s just a small gesture. It’s also one of things people remember about you after you meet. It’s not a surprise that a lot of people are very conscious of the state of their teeth, as your pearly whites contribute to that signature smile." - Hong Kong
"Last month, I was lucky to be invited to the launch and opening of the first ever Smile Bar in the Philippines. I didn’t even think twice when I got the invite because I felt like I needed it. I’ve never tried any teeth whitening products before, but I’ve always been tempted to so finally my wish to improve the color of my teeth came true. :) "
La Petite - Hong Kong
La Petite
"The first time I knew about The Smile Bar was in Bangkok, Thailand – I haven’t gotten a chance to know the brand more except that it is a dental whitening teeth center. So when I got invited for the opening of its first branch in the Philippines at Uptown Parade, BGC, I was both thrilled and intrigued to get to know the brand more."
Cosmo - Hong Kong
"When I was done, Michelle compared my teeth again to their color chart and showed me that I went four shades lighter. They weren't toothpaste-commercial white, but the years of bingeing on chocolates were almost gone. My smile was definitely brighter than it was before."
Kumagcow - Hong Kong
"I'm so glad this place opened up at the 2nd Floor of Uptown Parade in Bonifacio Global City. It's called The Smile Bar, and I'm glad to note this is their first flagship store which means they plan to open up more real soon. The promise? Is to get your teeth whiter in just 20 minutes! Crazy I know, but with what I've experienced, it is possible!"
Misspopquiz - Hong Kong
"When I found out The Smile Bar was opening at BGC, I knew it was finally time to get my pearly whites.. well, pearly white! I must say I’m pretty satisfied with the results! Let me take you through their quick & easy process!"
Preview - Hong Kong
"The Smile Bar offers a Teeth Whitening Service, which allows you to avail of their specialized procedure in a salon-like atmosphere."
Heygail - Hong Kong
"The Smile Bar is the FIRST TEETH WHITENING SALON here in the Philippines. I got to try their services, and I was amazed by the effects of the treatment!"
The Manila Times - Hong Kong
The Manila Times
"After the successful launches in Hong Kong and Bangkok last 2015 and 2016, respectively, The Smile Bar is now happy to transform your pearly whites through its safe, effective and non-invasive whitening services."
Krish Geek - Hong Kong
Krish Geek
" The Smile Bar pairs modern state-of-the-art equipment and an inviting and comfortable atmosphere in order to provide consumers with an enjoyable teeth-whitening experience. In just 20 minutes, your teeth can be between 2 to 9 shades whiter"
Trend Hotspot - Hong Kong
Trend Hotspot
"The Smile Bar, an exclusive dental whitening treatment center that offers first class services in a modern environment, launches its first-ever store in the Philippines at Uptown Parade, Bonifacio Global City."