"I’m so happy with the results and even got the products to maintain my teeth white in time for my wedding!"
16 Nov 2018
"Now I can smile all I want whenever I’m teaching a cycling class!"
8 Nov 2018
"The Smile Bar saved my life and now I can smile all I want!"
27 Oct 2018
"I expected to feel a little bit of pain, but surprisingly none! And I got 10 shades whiter!"
16 Oct 2018
"I’m not all about fitness. I’m a woman too so I like to look at my best. Now I can smile all I want without to worry about yellow teeth!"
12 Oct 2018
"I always thought teeth whitening was very painful but I thought wrong with The Smile Bar"
4 Oct 2018
"I can’t believe I had 10 shades whiter without feeling anything!"
29 Sep 2018
"I love how the place has their own iPad and informs you about the whole procedure! Will surely visit again!"
21 Sep 2018
"As they say, always keep smiling! Now, I can smile as much as I want confidently!"
12 Sep 2018
"I’m now picture ready in all my events, thanks to my whiter smile!"
2 Sep 2018
"In the process, I did not feel anything at all. And I got 8 shades whiter!"
28 Aug 2018
"My teeth got 10 shades whiter and I can’t believe it"
17 Aug 2018
"I can’t wait to smile at everyone right now"
9 Aug 2018
"It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve done with my teeth."
27 Jul 2018
"I feel extra confident every time I visit The Smile Bar!"
19 Jul 2018
"Absolutely painless and the experience was amazing. I really like the pods we sit in."
12 Jul 2018
"I can’t believe my teeth can get any whiter!"
4 Jul 2018
"I’ve seen a significant change in shade right after!"
27 Jun 2018
"The experience was great and it was actually relaxing."
22 Jun 2018
"Love how my teeth instantly whitened (4 shades lighter) Plus, the whole process was painless!"
14 Jun 2018
"Just wow! I can’t help but to smile confidently now"
2 Jun 2018
"Smooth and painless experience. I would definitely keep coming back!"
13 May 2018
"Instant result in less than an hour! Staff & facilities are great!"
10 May 2018
"My brother invited me to try it, all I can say is perfect. It really works. Thanks!"
2 May 2018
"Great results in just one evening!"
28 Apr 2018
"The Smile Bar is very convenient and affordable."
20 Apr 2018
"It brought my confidence back."
13 Apr 2018
"Super pleasant experience! No discomfort or trouble."
5 Apr 2018
"I loved my experience at The Smile Bar! I would definitely come back for another session.  "
3 Apr 2018
"It was a cool and stress-free process plus, you get results as soon as it finishes!"
21 Mar 2018
"I will come back again. I love the result. Thank you The Smile Bar."
17 Mar 2018
"Whiter teeth in 20 mins! Amazed by how fast it worked!"
15 Mar 2018
"Overall The Smile Bar procedure was a pleasant experience."
10 Mar 2018
"We really enjoyed our time here at The Smile Bar! The service was fast and effective."
2 Mar 2018
"Very relaxing & comfortable way to get instant pearly whites."
23 Feb 2018
"First experience with The Smile Bar and it was great!"
15 Feb 2018
"I’m very satisfied coz’ my teeth got 10 shades lighter. It was really really painless…"
17 Feb 2018
"We can smile bigger now! Amazing!"
9 Feb 2018
"As a beauty queen, I am very conscious of my smile."
2 Feb 2018
"I didn’t expect that I got this brilliant smile."
19 Jan 2018
"Fun, safe and comfortable teeth whitening."
10 Jan 2018
"I am completely amazed that it only took me an hour to achieve this healthier, brighter looking set of teeth"
24 Dec 2017
"I’ve already tried whitening strips before as well as bleaching by my dentist, but I found both uncomfortable."
9 Dec 2017
"I had an extremely good experience at The Smile Bar and I will definitely return for treatments."
22 Nov 2017
"Excellent service and guaranteed results! Takes a really short duration of time also."
11 Oct 2017
"I am super pleased with the service, they were very accommodating and gentle."
21 Sep 2017
"Pearly white teeth in an instant? Yes you can with The Smile Bar. Fast, safe and effective!"
29 Aug 2017
"The experience alone had me think that there’s actually hope for me."
17 Aug 2017
"Smiling with confidence, thanks to The Smile Bar."
11 Aug 2017
"No doubt, I’m really happy with the results."
2 Aug 2017
"I love how you can get 2-9 shades whiter teeth in just 20 mins! And, the procedure is totally painless!"
21 Jul 2017
"I didn’t realize my teeth can get 10 shades lighter until I visited The Smile Bar"
10 Jul 2017